Yacht Party

Ever wondered what it would be like to cruise around with a bunch of mates, beautiful women and a tonne of booze, all in the setting of a beautiful tropical island? Now ever thought of doing that while throwing your mate a stag party? Well, GNTours does just that. No group is too big or small to be accommodated for on these outrageous sea-faring journeys.

Hitting the seas around the islands of the Philippines is a must do for all people who visit the Philippines, however a GNT yacht party is like no others. We have done parties of 30 plus people on massive yachts in Manila harbour (always in style) and always the result is the same. Everyone starts out ready to party and upon return everyone is sufficiently destroyed. This in our books is a sign of a job well done.

Options for yacht parties can be done in Subic, Cebu, Boracay and of course Manila, which is where the true luxury lies. Our yachts can be as big as 113ft and come fully stocked with flowing booze and food. Just the thought of spiced rum and barbecue on a boat would make any sane person salivate, now that in combination with your best mate while getting trashed on a bucks tour just sounds like a match made in heaven. As a wise man once said, “there is no better state of drunk than being boat drunk”.

The best stag tours we do always include a day on a yacht. Places like Boracay and Cebu offer you the chance to explore the under the seas with snorkelling and diving all the while being accompanied by Filipina beauties which are an essential addition to any day where clothing is going to be minimal. Nothing makes you feel more like a king than being surrounded by these beautiful ladies on a boat with a drink in hand, and if things do get a little spicier, well the boats are fairly large and privacy can be found.

If you have a mate about to be hitched and you need to plan a bucks party GNT is a must do to plan that perfect stag do with an essential day of boozing on a yacht.