Yacht Party in Manila

If you have been silly enough to throw your life away on a 1/3 chance of divorce it is important to make sure you get at least one thing the right, the stag party (or bucks, or bachelors depending on how poor your English is).

Now we get a lot of bachelor party requests from what we call in England “chavs”, or “pikeys”, I think Americans refer to as “trailer trash”, that think they can, eat, drink, and abuse locals for $20 each, per person, for a week. If you are this way inclined, stop reading. If you are the kind of refined gentlemen that know how to have a good time, on a decent budget then keep reading!

You may have seen a few companies offering private yacht rental in Manila, or Boracay, where you pay the money, turn up, get your yacht and driver and thats it, their job is over, but at GNT we take things to a whole new level of service, with our fleet of beautiful hostesses (how many do you need), expert local guide, as well as our high-end food, and drink packages.

We do not offer yacht rental, we offer yacht parties, and what goes on the high seas, stays on the high seas.

Check out our link or contact us for details on booking your next Philippines yacht party