Top Stag Tours for 2020

Top VIP club to held your stag party tours

At GNT we’ve been helping single chaps either celebrate, or commiserate their upcoming nuptials since 2014. We are the leader in fun, quirky and downright naughty bachelor parties in South-East Asia.

As we say, we are not the cheapest, but we are indeed the best. So, if you’re looking for a backpacker holiday, time to stop reading, BUT if you’re looking for the stag tour to end all stag tours in 2020, we got you covered.

Here’s our 5 top stag tours destinations for 2020

5) Cebu Stag

Forget all the crap that you get in Boracay. Boracy is just suburban! Cebu City has it all, bars, broads, booze, and yachts. With a yacht, you can combine all of these things! We’ve included a few pictures from our last yacht party in Cebu. We think they speak for themselves. Cebu is a great place for bachelor party.

4) Macau Stag

Macau might not be cheap, but the best things rarely are, are they? Legal casinos, strip clubs, and of course our signature sushi party (yes that kind of party). Macau has absolutely every ingredient needed for the dream bachelor party. Our in-suite party is the stuff of legends.

3) Cambodia Stag

You want a wild bachelor party? We bring you Cambodia. Few places can rival Cambodia when it comes to getting your freak on! We offer many great options when it comes to hosting a stag in Cambodia, but how about a private pool party with all the trimmings? It is as good as it sounds.

2) Manila Bachelors

Manila might have its detractors, but when it comes to getting wild, Manila has the lot. Want to rent a midget for your bachelor party in Manila? We got one. Want a private villa, we got a few. And then of course, there’s our infamous Manila Pub Crawl. And if this was not enough, we get VIP access to all the best clubs in Manila. We have the Manila Stag Party covered.

1) Angeles City Party

Angeles City is the original city of sin, and thus our favourite place to host a stag party! Angeles Beach Club Hotel, and Fields Avenue alone make an Angeles Bachelor Party worthwhile, but it has a whole lot more. You want guns, private pools, and the best bar crawl in the Philippines. That is Angeles. And the icing on the cake, where it to be needed Subic Bay is just over an hour away, which also has great bars, and boats to have parties on!

That’s our top tips for hosting a bachelor party in South-East Asia. Get in touch to let us plan your next adventure……