San Miguel, Beer of the Philippines Our Lord and Savior

We’ve all been there before, an upcoming holiday is just a few days away, I could be sitting on the beach, relaxing by the pool or just taking in the nightlife of the big city. But everyone knows that the holiday is only truly begins once you have your feet on the ground a cold beer in hand.

You can’t spend time in the Philippines without having a few San Miguel beers and what a beer it is! San Miguel Beer takes pride and place among what the Philippines has to offer and it’s the perfect addition for a session in the sun with the lads. It’s also one of the only beers in Southeast Asia that doesn’t taste like some version of semi alcoholic urine coloured soda water. We love San Miguel and would drink it over other Asian beers any day!

San Miguel Beer is a must have for Philippines Bars

There isn’t a bar in the Philippines that won’t stock San Miguel Pale or San Miguel Light but there are plenty of other options to choose from too. Outside of the Philippines the varieties that are available aren’t so well known but if you’re more of a fan on dark beers, you’re covered with the Cerveza Negra.

If you want nothing more than to get wasted look no further than the Red Horse beer, with its higher than average alcohol content it won’t take many to get you better acquainted with the floor. If manliness isn’t really your thing or if you’re just feeling a bit fruity you can enjoy the San Miguel flavoured beers. Lemon and apple flavoured beers are particularly popular for the ladies and lady boys.

Of course, there is plenty more to choose from than just these beers, when you book a Philippines party with us at GNT you’ll be able to choose whatever drinks you like for you and your mates. There are plenty of other local drinks to choose from, the rum in particular is a popular choice (especially for a yacht party). You name it and we can deliver it at GNT. Just remember when in doubt San Miguel Beer will never lead you astray.

To join us in the Philippines for some San Miguel-inspired fun contact us for more details!