Pigs and Pub Crawls

So you’ve booked the ultimate Philippine stag tour, everything is set for the perfect party with you and your mates, but how can you add that little extra surprise for the bachelor? Handcuffing him to a Midget is always good for a few laughs, and the same can be said for a ladyboy too. If you want to think a little further outside the box, and go whole hog for the stag there is always the option of having him tied to a pig. The added element of the pig to make an already crazy bar crawl even wilder in Boracay is what the lads on a recent tour wanted and wild is exactly what they got.

Before the stag showed up we arranged to meet beforehand to make sure all the lads and the pig were ready. Getting the thing to calm down was a challenge in itself, once it had been released it scurried between the lot of us and had us scrambling to hold onto it before it broke free. In the end good teamwork and decent coordination was needed to bring it under control. All the boys waited in anticipation with the swine waiting for the stag to show up, cameras at the ready, the look on his face did not disappoint, his reaction was hammy to say the least. As handcuffs don’t really work with a pig we set up both the pig and the stag with a collar each and tied the two together.

With the stag suitably tied to the pig we trotted along on the legendary bar crawl. With each and every bar we went to the stag and his little friend definitely turned some heads, everyone seemed to be sticking their snouts in to see what all the fuss was about. Some of the waitresses in the bar squealed when they saw our stag with his special guest, they must have been jealous of his bride to be who clearly bagged herself a man who can bring home the bacon.

As the crawl went on things got wilder and wilder, the boys were going ham with the drinks, especially the stag and we could all see the unleashing of the animal within him. Eventually we had come to the end of the crawl and the pig had to return to the farm after what must have been the most exciting night of its life.

It was certainly the craziest bar crawl I’ve taken in the Philippines so far, the night left me feeling very tender the next morning but it was nothing a fried breakfast with plenty of sausage and bacon couldn’t cure.

The GNT bar crawls are already epic but the addition of a porcine surprise for the bachelor can add that little extra crackling to make your stag tour even more memorable.

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