Philippines Adventure Tours

Here at GNTours we pride ourselves on being the best party planners in the Philippines, but did you also know that we aren’t just drinking and dancing? In fact, with years of experience in this beautiful archipelago, we have ventured far and wide to bring you some of the best and most adventurous tours out there!

Now, the Philippines is huge and has so many places to explore you’d be nuts not to use some local knowledge. Exploring the best beaches of Palawan or even renting a private island? We do it. Discovering the world-famous rice terraces of Luzon or witnessing spectacles such as the self- whipping and crucifixion of the Cutud Lenten rites? We do it. Exploring the Marcos era of the Philippines as well as getting deep and dirty into history for those who want crave a little bit of dictator in their lives. You guessed it, we do it!

Check out our group travel options for the Philippines adventures and let us take you around this awesome country while always having a beer in hand in true GNTours-style.