Our Cambodia Stag Weekend

Lined up inside the door of the villa were 6 stunning beauties of Cambodia, wearing T-shirts with “I Love …” (we don’t mention names, what happens on tour really does stay on tour) scrawled across their bodies. Met with screams, the stag sits down and is immediately introduced to two fine ladies who great him with proper Cambodian style. The bags are dropped, guests are refreshed and the party kicks on with a bang hitting the streets of Phnom Penh to explore their new surrounds.

The first full day, starts off with groans and moans from the hangover of last night. This needed to change. I set out on a mission to get this place pumping. Returning at midday with not 4, not 6 but 11 ladies of Cambodia, it was time to start the pool party. Our private villa, surrounded by high walls for full privacy and a pool in the middle this place was perfect for a pool party. Before I go on, I should mention that a pool party is 100% necessary in Cambodia, its hot and humid beyond belief and there is only one way to truly cool down. A pool and many girls by your side.

BBQ is served and everyone is stripped down to the bear minimum, grey goose, jaegermeister, and of course the local brew Cambodia beer. The afternoon goes on and everyone is now significantly boozed up. The clouds begin to set in for the afternoon monsoon which means it’s time to move. We grab our stuff and head down to the river where we board our private boat for a cruise, with of course, booze. As we get on the boat we are met with thunder and lighting and droplets. The monsoon is coming, but does this stop us, SHIT NO! we cruise down music blaring, and more and more drinks. The rain comes crashing down and everyone makes the most of it, especially those with white T-shirts. Delicious.

Returning to shore, the party is still not over! We head to our favourite street in Phnom Penh, Street 136. Starting at our favourites, 69 bar, Madame Butterfly and of course Candy Bar. More friends join us along the way and keep the party going. By this point everyone is another kind of messed up. One person vomits and is sent back to the villa to pass out. In fact, one didn’t even make it to the boat! They are dropping like flies which means it’s time to retire to enjoy some one on one time before they pass out. After all tomorrow, there is an early flight to catch.

The next morning is abysmal, it looks like the walking dead having taken over the villa. Bags are collected and everyone is crammed into the minivan. I can say with absolute certainty that sick bags will be passed around on that flight.  A job well done in our books.

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