Manila Luxury Accommodation

Manila is less known for its luxury and better known for its dirty underbelly. We at GNT however pride ourselves on finding the best there is in Manila to make any stag experience truly VIP. For anyone that has been to Manila before this means Makati, the shiny diamond that sits in central Manila awash with all kinds of luxury that you’d expect to find in the richest part of any Asian Metropolis.
For our VIP clients, this is where we stay. Now there are cheap options available, but that’s not what we are about, we want class, style and everything over-the-top. Our top pick for accommodation in this area is the Makati Diamond Residence. Centrally located, with amazing facilities and all the 5-star luxury trimmings a VIP bachelor could hope for. We recommend the 96sqm two-bedroom suite, which serves as the perfect base for you and your group as you head out into the gritty streets.
Why do luxury? Well, while the idea of waking up hungover in a dodgy hostel with no aircon does have its appeal to some, we prefer comfort. There’s certainly no denying that waking up in fresh sheets with or without company and then being able to order a bloody Mary in bed isn’t just awesome.
If this sounds like something you would like to do, and let’s be honest who wouldn’t? then contact GNTours for your ultimate VIP experience staying at the Makati Diamond Residence.