Luxury Limo Manila

Now for a place infamous for its traffic, Manila isn’t the first place you’d want to be stuck in a car. Unless, said car is a stretch limo filled with your mates, champagne and some fine looking local company. With our luxury tours you’ll be in love with the Manila traffic in no time! Whether your getting from your hotel to a party or you simply just want to do laps around city then a limo is the way you should be traveling when partying in Manila.

The general procession of events begins when the limo pulls up the girls get in and the champagne is opened. From then on cruising through the busy streets of Manila glasses get clinking and local friends made. Singing in the back? You bet! More drinks, you bet! The worst part is when you have to leave the comfort and cosy atmosphere and head into the outside world. Having your own limo you can basically do whatever you want as you booze up inside your tiny mobile party fortress. All people inside at their battle stations, like a lazy general not having to worry about what’s going on outside all the while enjoying the luxury of the lifestyle around him.

Some people judge limo’s, we certainly don’t. In fact the best bit about being in a limo is  not giving a crap about the people outside. Watching people getting frustrated in peak hour while you sit parallel boozing up with a bunch of mates and some of the prettiest girls in Manila is sure to infuriate anyone working the 9 to 5. On top of that there’s definitely an allure about the people who rock up to a VIP club in a limo, especially when they step out glass already in hand and can simply stroll on in. Who are these people? What kind of a group is this? How can I be this? Are just some of the thoughts that would pass through the minds of the masses stationed in the lines outside great venues such as Valkyrie and Prive.

Telling your mates back home, sure they might believe you but its no where near as good as actually experiencing it. When on holiday you certainly shouldn’t give two rats about what others think , especially is such a holiday is a bucks party or stag do. Leave that catholic guilt at home and step on in to one of the rowdiest commutes you’ll ever experience.

If you’re interested in coming to Manila for a stag party then add our limo to the list of your must do for your biggest night out so there’s not a moment when you aren’t in the mood to party! Contact GNT today for you perfect Manila stag!