Cheapest Pint in Asia

On our endless quest to find the best value party destinations in Asia we went on a search for where is indeed the world’s cheapest pint. This inevitably bought us to locations, Vietnam and Cambodia. Now to find the official cheapest place is obviously a tough task, several bars throughout Vietnam will claim it, as will many more in Cambodia. Having now ventured trough several back alleys in both countries we can now truly say where does have the cheapest glass of “heat relief”.

On average we can determine that Vietnam does have cheaper prints, ranging from about $0.25 USD to $0.50 USD, with Cambodia not far behind. However, the absolute cheapest pints we found were in Phnom Penh at a place called Showbox. Now for those of you haggard expats that have ventured to this glorious foreigner dive I know exactly what your thinking, “but I paid $1 for a pint there!”. Well yes, this is true, but not during happy hour.

Showbox is well known for its happy hour which consists of free beer between 6:30pm and 7:00pm everyday (this of course works on the proviso that you purchase one pint prior and reuse that glass). We managed to get six pints down our gullets for $1.00 USD. This means each pint costs us a mere $0.16 USD! Now as a team of seasoned alcoholics we thoroughly encourage this type of commerce and wish to continue to see more of it to cater to both budgets of backpackers and locals alike.

Next time you and your buddies are searching an escape without the price tag, head on over to Cambodia or Vietnam and take in the true beauty of Southeast Asia behind sufficiently blurred beer goggles.

If you’re interested in partying it up with some friends across Cambodia, Vietnam or any other party of Southeast Asia then check out for more details! We even run a bar crawl across 4 countries and will visit the famous Showbox along the way!