Cocomangas Boracay

If you’re looking for a legendary drinking session with a tropical setting , look no further than the GNT bar crawl in Boracay. We pick only the best of the many bars overlooking Boracay’s famous White Beach, allowing you and your mates to booze it up in the most epic fashion.

We don’t just stick to the beachside bars though, just a short distance away from the sands there is one bar essential for every stag party, Cocomangas.  This place prides itself as being Boracay’s oldest established and most wildest bar. A decent sized dance floor packed with Filipina beauties, banging music and endlessly flowing booze makes Cocomangas a necessary addition for your stag party. What makes this a stand out  is its signature 15 shot challenge. If you’re able to get down 15 shots and remain standing, not only do you get the pride of being the king of drinkers between your mates but you’ll be immortalised by having your name engraved on a brass plate which is placed on the wall of fame.

Cocomangas is the perfect inclusion for the GNT bar crawl and its just right for the wildest of party goers out there. If you think you have it in you to take on the 15 shot challenge, book your Boracay bar crawl with GNT. Contact us here to find out more!